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Dr. Ashley Quinn

Assistant Professor


Social Work

Faculty of Arts

Ashley is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto, where she teaches graduate level practice courses and undergraduate critical child welfare practice and policy analysis. Ashley has also taught courses in social policy analysis, transformational social work practice, anti-oppressive social work practice and Indigenous perspectives in social work.

Ashley’s research has focused on participatory action research, First Nations’ research ethics protocols, data analysis and program evaluation including projects related to First Nations’ health; traditional Indigenous parenting programs for families mandated by the child welfare system; family homelessness; parent-worker engagement in child welfare and impact on outcomes in child welfare; and experiences of First Nation Communities with child welfare in Northern British Columbia.

Ashley provides students with wholistic approaches to social work education utilizing a cultural interface. Ashley teaches from a relational perspective, which values authentic and genuine engagement with social work students. Ashley’s current research interests includes further exploration regarding the effectiveness of Indigenous Alternative Dispute Resolution programs for Indigenous families who have had their children apprehended by the child welfare system and the application of Gladue Principles in family law matters involving child welfare agencies.

Ashley Quinn, Ph.D., MSW, completed her Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Social Work, and received a Joseph Armand Bombardier SSHRC scholarship for her research on the factors contributing to cultural identity and the development of community-based outcome measures for Indigenous families involved in the child welfare system. The aim of her research was to establish and improve funding towards Indigenous governance and policy, to promote the development of cultural strengths-based services and to help build capacity with regard to program and policy development, implementation and evaluation within a culturally relevant research framework.