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Event Date: 

November 16, 2022

Event Time: 

8:00 AM-9:00 AM

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The RbT Lab presents a webinar for members of the Neglected Narratives research group at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Learn more about Neglected Narratives here:

Exploring the relationship between Research-based Theatre and Narrative Inquiry

Research-based Theatre (RbT) is a qualitative, arts-based methodology that invites researchers, artists, educators, and research participants to collectively transform research phenomena into theatre. This approach makes use of applied drama and theatre strategies, and at its core rests on two commitments: a) to honour and ethically explore the research context; and b) engage and commit to the art form of theatre. The tension amid these dual commitments provides a generative space for rich stories to emerge that allow listeners to make meaning of what they witness. In Narrative Inquiry, researchers strive to honour the depth and complexity of research participants’ lived experiences by helping to reshape them in the form of a story. Narrative Inquiry and Research-based Theatre can be viewed as complimentary methodological approaches that are respectively informed by a social constructionist theory where meaning develops in relation with others.

In this session, we will provide entry points into Research-based Theatre by sharing a few scenes and monologues to illustrate RbT as a methodology and creative approach to knowledge translation. Then, we will discuss research projects from our Research-based Theatre Lab to examine diverse options for data gathering and analysis that support the development of stories that honor research participants and the art form.