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The Research-based Theatre Lab consists of over 100 committed members, including UBC Vancouver and Okanagan faculty, graduate student trainees, professional theatre artists, local community members, and national and international partners. The UBC-based Steering Committee represents the interdisciplinary spirit of the Lab, and an External Advisory of leading international RbT scholars provides guidance on Lab objectives and initiatives. 

Steering Committee

External Advisory

UBC Cluster Members

National & International Cluster Members

Additional Cluster Members

Jan Hare, UBC Faculty (Indigenous Education)
Luke Bokenfohr, UBC Graduate Student
Phillip Lopresti, UBC Graduate Student
Janice Valdez, UBC Graduate Student
Avril Foster, UBC Graduate Student
Michelle Turner, UBC Graduate Student
Lara Aysal, UBC Graduate Student
Dacotah Splichalova, UBC Graduate Student
Daniel Ji, UBC Graduate Student
Brynn Williams, UBC Graduate Student
Sarah Calvert, UBC Graduate Student
Hailey Matheson, UBC Graduate Student
Hali McLennan, UBC Graduate Student
Jessi Knutson, UBC Graduate Student
Martina Shovar, UBC Graduate Student
Jada Benko, UBC Graduate Student
Tim Garthside, UVIC Graduate Student
Hoi Fai Wu, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts
Mingshuai Yan, Sichuan Normal University
Julia Henderson, Concordia University
David Geary, Capilano University
Kyle Stooshnov, University of Alberta
Alisha Ali, New York University
Yanlin Xu, South China Agricultural University
James McKinnon, Quest University
Pamela Baer, University of Toronto
Foster Eastman, Community Artist
Tracy Averill, Community Artist
Bahareh Shigematsu, Community Artist
Ingrid Bousillion, Community Artist
Mark Zuberbuhler, Community Partner
Keyvan Maleki, Community Partner
Candace Cook, Community Partner
Yuval Jarus, Community Artist
Tim Laidler, Community Partner