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Dr. Yael Mayer

Postdoctoral Fellow


Occupational Science and Therapy

Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Yael Mayer is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science at the University of British Columbia. Yael has a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Tel-Aviv University; she is a registered clinical psychologist in Israel and a registered clinical counselor in Canada. Yael’s focus in research is finding innovating ways to implement evidenced-based knowledge to benefit the community and to promote mental health and social justice. Yael is an expert in Knowledge-Translation (KT) models and techniques. She studies knowledge translation in these areas 1) Resilience-based interventions for inner-city youth, refugee, and migrant children 2) Promoting equity and social justice for people with disabilities 3) Arts-based knowledge translation 4) Creating “healthy screen-time nutrition” for children with Autism. Yael owns a private practice in Vancouver, BC,  where she provides therapy for individuals and families.