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Michael Lee

Associate Professor of Teaching


Occupational Science and Therapy

Faculty of Medicine

Growing up in a culture with strong work ethics and values, Michael never doubts the values of occupation and work. Having practiced as an occupational therapist in the field of Mental Health Rehabilitation for over 35 years, he developed a passion for enabling people with psychosocial needs to participate in the occupations of their choice. In recent years, he has been an ambassador bringing psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery to countries where such concepts are not fully embraced.  In 2015, he was awarded with the Ambassador Award from the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Canada in recognition of his outstanding work in advancing psychosocial rehabilitation. Strongly believing in the importance of preparing the younger generation to become outstanding therapists, Michael started investing his time and energy in educating future occupational therapists almost 20 years ago. Enabling his students to fully participate in the occupation of learning is his greatest joys.

Michael was educated as an occupational therapist in Hong Kong and immigrated to Canada about 25 years ago. He is particularly keen on supporting occupational therapists educated elsewhere in practicing in Canada. Merging his clinical expertise in mental health practice and his beliefs in enabling students to thrive in their higher education, Michael spearheaded many campus mental health projects and has been developing new knowledge on how best to support students’ wellbeing, in particular focusing on teaching practices. In recognition of his pioneering work on campus mental health, he was awarded with the Margaret Fulton Award in 2018.

Michael enjoys his occupation as a father and a husband. During his spare time, you can find him swimming regularly for his fitness, and fixing electronic gadgets to keep up with his problem-solving skills.