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Dr. Scott Mealey

Centre for Audience Spectatorship and Audience Research (University of Toronto)

Scott has spent nearly two and a half decades exploring the convergence of performance, persuasion, and social affect. He is currently a doctoral student at the University of Toronto's Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies Centre, where his dissertation work interrogates the role of intent, style, and familiarity in effecting attitudinal changes in theatre spectators. His conferecence presentations have exmined the non-coercive influence of found-object puppetry, museum exhibits that curate mindfulness on the face of tragedy, and theatrical change conceptualized through dual-process communication models. Scott is particularly passionate about teaching and for over fifteen years has taught practivcal and theoretical underggraduate courses in the areas of theatre and communication, most recently at the University of Toronto. Prior to returning to academia on a full-time basis, he worked professionally as an actor, director, playwright, producer, and dramaturg in Atlantic Canada.