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Laen Hershler

PhD Student


Department of Language and Literacy Education

Faculty of Education

Laen Hershler is a performing artist, expert facilitator of creative processes and an investigator in the field of Research Based Theatre (RBT). He has vast experience working with artists, business people, teachers and students of all ages and backgrounds. His facilitation style is engaging, entertaining and highly interactive. Laen began his career as a performer/educator touring internationally and giving workshops on various aspects and uses of physical theatre for both children and adults. (France, Korea, Australia, Kenya, South Africa). Since attaining his MA (UCT) in 2011, he has been an instructor at the Creative Studies Faculty at UBC (Kelowna) and the Education Faculty at UBC (Vancouver). Laen is currently pursuing further graduate work at UBC where he is interested in the application of RBT across disciplines and especially to facilitate dialogue on difficult topics across culturally sensitive issues.