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Rzgar Hama


Sky Theatre Group

Originally from South Kurdistan, Vancouver-based playwright, theatre director, actor, acting coach and writer, Rzgar Hama currently serves as an artistic director for Sky Theatre Group. He started his theatre journey in 1984. Rzgar’s first adaptation and directing project was CANNIBALS in 1987, a play based on true stories of the city of Leningrad during World War II. Rzgar’s works as a director included: SPARTACUS, RESURRECTION of the DOGS, TABLEAU, RAIN, SIYAMEND, SCREAM, THE LAST GAME, and a play based on Arthur Rimbaud’s poems, A SEASON in HELL. His recent work as playwright and director was SOLDIERLAND, which performed at the ANNEX in Vancouver, BC from May 18 - 24, 2018 and still in progress for other performances.
Rzgar has created works and collaborated with many theatre companies in Vancouver, Montreal, Turkey, Iraq, and Kurdistan. He also ran an acting lab for nine months, focused on improvisational techniques and actor training to help participating actors discover their potential for play development and performance. Rzgar has written and held several seminars and workshops about theatre, performances acting techniques and arts in many places around the world.

Rzgar believes that theatre can play a magnificent role in developing a healthier society for the next generation, and that theatre, as a current event, is a place for expanding one’s thoughts to build a better life. Rzgar and Sky Theatre Group and UBC Research - Based Theatre Collaborative are developing his new play My Home is a Suitcase.