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Alone in the Ring

“The amazing courage of performing and voicing stories of vulnerability.”

“How powerful theatre is!”

“Stories open up worlds.”

Audience reactions to premiere on October 26, 2018

Healthcare students and clinicians with disabilities face unique challenges. A team of researchers, professionals, students, and community members created Alone in the Ring to understand the barriers and resources in the professional lives of people with disabilities working in Canadian healthcare settings. Based on rich stories gathered through a 3-year study, the play offers audiences insight into the lived experience of people with disabilities, while asking audience members to consider how they can contribute to changing attitudes and allyship within the health professions.

In 2020, in response to health restrictions related to COVID-19, the team created an online version of this production, Alone in the Ring: The Vlogs. The team has presented this version over Zoom for more than 300 health care professionals and students. 

For more information, please contact For resources to actively support the creation of workplaces that are accessible and inclusive of individuals with disabilities, visit the Inclusive Campus resource page