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RbT Interviews

RbT Interviews

Explore Research-based Theatre Lab member interviews on the Research-based Theatre (RbT) methodology. 

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Ridge writer and musician Brendan McLeod, Dr. George Belliveau, and UBC Ph.D. candidate, theatre artist, and therapist Christina Cook in conversation with Chan Centre programming manager Wendy Atkinson.

Dr. Marvin Westwood & Dr. George Belliveau on SOLDIERLAND a play Written and Directed by Rzgar Hama

Dr. Marvin Westwood, Dr. George Belliveau, and Tim Garthside Speaking about Soldierland, a play written and directed by Rzgar Hama Rashed at the ANNEX in Vancouver BC. The show is about the psychological effects of war on individuals and communities as well as the crippling changes it brings to society and human migration. It sheds light on continued wars in micro societies and brings into question love and humanity in a time of war, which is influenced by the power of mass media, governments, and the established orders in this digital age. It’s a raw and unwavering piece that examines the human condition on a subject matter that has plagued us throughout our history: war.

Dr. George Belliveau on RbT

Dr. George Belliveau was interviewed on RbT as a research approach for a documentary theatre festival.