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RbT Mini-Docs

RbT Mini-Docs 

Explore the Research-based Theatre Lab's mini-docs showcasing the Research-based Theatre (RbT) methodology and RbT plays. 

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Don't Rock the Boat

Don't Rock the Boat is a research-based theatre project about graduate supervisory relationships and enhancing graduate student and faculty wellbeing. The workshops performances provide an opportunity for dialogue about graduate supervision and wellbeing. You may come away with new insights on how to navigate your relationship with your supervisor, an awareness of common tensions and issues, as well as resources available to you and other graduate students experiencing challenges. More recently, this RbT project was adapted to a freely accessible online version called Rock the Boat.


“We all have things we need to unload,” says a military veteran in this 30-minute play portraying a powerful bond between two men who have respectively faced personal loss. When an actor asks his veteran friend to help him prepare to audition for the role of a solider, they embark on a soul-searching journey to address difficult memories. Drawing on his ability to overcome challenges in and out of uniform, the veteran must guide the actor through an unspoken grief that has been haunting him for decades. The heart of the play invites audiences to witness a dramatized version of a group therapy model where individuals unload some of their ‘baggage,’ or trauma, to move forward with their lives. Filled with emotional truth and laughter, this moving and surprising play brings to life research on veterans transitioning home and the lived experience of civilians carrying trauma.

Alone in the Ring

Healthcare students and clinicians with disabilities face unique challenges. A team of researchers, professionals, students, and community members created Alone in the Ring to understand the barriers and resources in the professional lives of people with disabilities working in Canadian healthcare settings. Based on rich stories gathered through a 3-year study, the play offers audiences insight into the lived experience of people with disabilities, while asking audience members to consider how they can contribute to changing attitudes and allyship within the health professions.

Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets is part of a research project being led by the UBC School of Social Work that focuses on Canada's Residential School System.